The beginning

In 1990, in a small Assembly of God church in Ames, OK, a handful of people were without a Pastor.  They contacted a young man by the name of Monte Anderson to come and fill the pulpit.  It was later in that year that they voted him in as pastor and the name Faith Center Assembly was Birthed.  

In 1992, this small group of believers stretched themselves and purchased an abandoned private school campus in Meno, OK.  Moving to this new facility caused excitement and growth, and required a lot of work. Under the pastoral leadership of Monte Anderson, the church experienced tremendous teaching of God's word and ministry of the Holy Spirit began to mark a difference for FCF.  Beyond those special experiences, Faith Center began to form an eldership driven model of government that would become the foundation of the church.

In October of 2000, tragedy would strike this fellowship and the Anderson family.  Monte Anderson died in a tragic car accident.  This loss stirred the family and church to seek God like never before.  A tremendous man of God, husband and father was missing and only the grace of God could mend and heal the brokenness.  God is faithful and His mercy endures forever.

A New era

In November of 2000, Cody Anderson, brother to the late Monte, stepped into the role of Senior Pastor and continues to lead Faith Center in its God-given destiny.  Under Pastor Cody's leadership, FCF completed the foundation of an eldership driven government and a move from the denomination of Assemblies of God to a non-denominational church with association to Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, TX.

Today, Faith Center is a vibrant church doing significant things for the glory of God in what would seem to be an insignificant place.  FCF is reaching a 60 mile radius with over 16 different communities represented.  God's faithfulness to this house has been undeniable.

In 2007, FCF completed the largest task they had ever undertaken.  They completed the transformation of the old gymnasium into an awe-inspiring Worship Center.  A dream of well over 10 years had finally become a reality.

Today Faith Center  is able to operate in over 22,000 square feet of ministry space.  Many people can look and say  "Look what the Lord has done." and the families of Faith Center are some of those people. God is so good and so faithful to this house and at Faith Center, we are thankful for the heritage of our past that has brought us to our future.